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For the second year running and as venues and places start to re-open, Boomtown organisers have confirmed the festival will again not be going ahead this year

Boomtown have released the following statement;
“We are absolutely devastated to bring another round of heartbreaking news to you all almost exactly a year from an identical announcement…
Unfortunately, we will no longer be holding Boomtown Chapter One: The Gathering this year and it will now take place from 10 – 14th August 2022
We’ve been doing everything within our power to find a solution to the mind-boggling conundrum of putting on a safe and well-run event to the sheer scale, complexity and intricacy of Boomtown this summer. Unfortunately, time has run out for us to be able to proceed in a way that would live up to our high safety and production standards for the event we had planned.
Critically, with less than four months to go and after almost half a year of collective campaigning to the government, COVID specific cancellation insurance for events simply does not exist at this point in time and therefore there’s no safety net to support us through the next stages. This means we would be gambling up to an 8-figure loss should the event not be able to go ahead due to COVID restrictions, which would put the future of the festival at serious risk.
Tickets for 2021 will automatically roll over to the 2022 event and refunds will be available to those who wish. We’re so grateful to everyone who has kept their ticket with us over the past year, you really did save the festival, and will continue to do so if you are able to roll them over again.
We’re truly devastated to not be able to come together to celebrate this summer, and we know how hard this will be for the thousands of you who have supported us and kept the faith that we could collectively reunite in the beautiful fields this year.
The resale will go ahead as planned on 1st June, so if you weren’t able to get a ticket this year, then this might be the golden opportunity to get your hands on a ticket to come and join us when we get to reset the clock to Chapter One and are all finally able to dance together once more in August 2022”

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