Police message to households after surge in burglary’s

We know with the warmer weather and lighter nights it may be tempting to start leaving your windows and back doors open more frequently, and we thought it was a timely reminder to our local residents to review your home security.
Burglars will select a target because it offers the easiest opportunity to carry out the crime unnoticed. A building that presents itself as unoccupied or insecure is far more likely to be targeted than one which is properly secured.
Remember to stay vigilant over the warmer months and consider the following crime prevention advice:
Shut all windows and lock them when you are not using a room, at night and when you leave your property.
Lock all front and rear doors at night and when you are out. If you have a UPVC door with a multi-point lock ensure you lift the handle and lock it with the key. Remove the key after the door or window is locked. 
Ensure side gates are locked to prevent access to the rear of the property.
Ensure any rear fencing is in good repair.
Do not leave ladders and garden tools in your garden; lock them away in your shed.
Consider fitting security lighting and a burglar alarm. You could also make use of timer switches to make your property appear occupied.
Finally, you can mark your property with your postcode and house number and register it for free with[0]=AT0kF69umNDkNflqQbOQjPs9qFCy82hTyEtGrqIRwaI_Am0fNzsL1mAwM3p3sjbARzvMZ-bAUeE-AkDQA9DbAe9FhZNAvyzLnGIIbRXV_v0rSWRfCti8f5Om8UkAkNzdRiQ2ZqTh1Z8niW7zm1gJQMxzFLZwv3X6y6TXQjDtKTs04wnHCq7E84FGiaavC5w4QA8T-U0YM87iWLdJW0lYVL_9UazGkHCioA" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">
As always, you can call us on 101 if you spot anything suspicious.
Call 999 if a crime is taking place.
Have a good and safe weekend everyone!

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