Public fundraising appeal for Emilys New bike after Shocking theft

After the theft of the bike at the Mountbatten Leisure Centre on Sunday 9th May 2021 at 6 pm whilst the female was on duty as a lifeguard.

A fundraiser has now been set up to replace a bike after it was stolen at Mountbatten Leisure Centre on Sunday 9th May 2021 at 6 pm.

Emily is a university student in Portsmouth and also works as a Life Guard at a local leisure centre to help pay for her studies.

She purchased a bike to take to university with her, so that she would be able to get to and from work without having the added expense of paying for transport.

She had locked her bike up at work as usual, but when she retuned only the bike lock was there. 

The CCTV footage shows two men hanging around and then using bolt cutters to cut her lock and take her bike.  The police have said that they are unlikely to be able to catch who took it, even with the footage available.

Emilys mum said Emily has always saved for what she has bought and so it has been even more frustrating that someone was able to just take what was hers.

It would be amazing if you are able to donate even a small amount to help fund for her to get another bike and lock so she can carry on working as a Life Guard.

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic it has been a hard time for everyone.

Being subject to the theft of her bike Emily said she is disgraced by what has happened, This has caused a lot of disruption to me as it affecting my studies.

As is am now having to walk to and from work, Which now takes around 1hr each day I am losing valuable studying time.

Please help us raise the money for Emily to be able to afford a new bike.

It would be greatly appreciated of any donations, by Emily and her Mum who has started the fundraiser for Emily.


GoFund link below 

Emilys Gofund Appeal

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