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Portsmouth man loses everything as blaze destroys home

A man has had his life ripped apart after losing life long belongings after a fire ripped through his Portsmouth home

David of Sheffield Road, Portsmouth was also a victim of a burglary at his home, 24hrs prior to the blaze breaking out.

David said, “I was unaware of the fire that had broken out until I returned home as I was attending the police station, the police had called me to attend the police station to submit a crime report regarding the earlier burglary.”

“It wasn’t till I arrived home I saw police and firefighters at my home, I was then told that a fire had ripped through the property and has suffered fire and smoke damage throughout.”

David had a number of items stolen in the burglary, what items were remaining have been destroyed by the fire.

Sentimental presents along with gifts made from his grandchildren and family photographs have been lost in the blaze, David has since been left to find alternative accommodation and is attempting to find a new home to live and rebuild his life.

Hampshire Fire and Isle of Wight fire investigators have said the cause of the horrific blaze is believed to have started from a faulty boiler, thankfully no one was injured in the fire.

A crowdfunding page has been set up to help David finance finding a new home, and assist in getting furniture and living essentials to help him start his life again.

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