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Man jailed for over a decade for county lines dealing in Basingstoke

A man has been jailed for 11 and a half years for being part of a County Lines conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in Basingstoke.

Tyrone Potter, 25, of Chiltern Crescent in Reading, was a leading member of a cartel of a drug networks known as the Nemo line, which was linked to other active lines, Monster and Bestie, that operated in the town between December 2018 and November 2020.

During that period at least ten kilograms, worth around £1million, had been sold by the Nemo network.

Potter, known by the street name ‘Nemo’, was described as the ‘Operator’ of the Nemo network since December 2018 and had links back into Kingston and Reading.

The court heard how the drug network was ran using a mobile phone, known as a county line, to send messages advertising drugs for sale.

Potter recruited individuals to run this phone line for him, and would provide the drugs to runners who would then make exchanges with buyers.

The case follows an extensive investigation into dealing networks in Basingstoke following the murder of a rival drug dealer in Basingstoke, committed by Olamide Soyege, in August 2019.

The investigation revealed that the Nemo, Monster, and Bestie networks had close and longstanding allegiances with each other.

These lines operated on a daily basis and worked with each other to ensure there was a constant supply of drugs into Basingstoke; they would share a supplier as well as runners, dealers, and safe houses.

Detective Constable Ian Cullen said: “This is a great result that has come at the end of a long and complex investigation.

“Over a three year period Potter was responsible for bringing untold misery to a number of vulnerable people in Basingstoke.

“We hope this sentencing sends a message to those who want to travel into our communities and deal drugs. We will not tolerate this type of offending, and we will investigate thoroughly and to the best of our ability.”

Tyrone Potter was sentenced to eleven and a half years in jail at Portsmouth Crown Court on Friday, 21 May.

He also received a Serious Crime Prevention Order, a forfeiture order against the drugs and phones, and will have to pay a victim surcharge.

This case comes after Ahmed Abdullah and Antonio Abayomi, who ran the Monster and Bestie lines, were jailed for nine and a half years and seven and a half years respectively in December 2020.

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