Breaking Cadnam Hampshire

Firefighters and animal rescue advisors were called to a 24-year-old horse in Cadnam stuck in a water-filled ditch in the forest near Crock Hill

Hector’s owner, Sarah had already called a local vet to attend as crews from Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Totton, Redbridge arrived on the scene shortly after 8am on Wednesday (May 26th).
The horse in the 10ft deep ditch was sedated by the vet as a Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service USAR crew with the specialist Manitou vehicle, was called to assist.
Firefighters were then able to safely extricate the pony, allowing the vet to properly assess the animal, who was soon back on its feet.
HIWFRS crews made up their equipment and left the scene following a debrief just before midday.
Jim Green, HIWFRS animal rescue advisor said:
“With support from the vets at Seadown Equine, we were able to formulate a plan to extricate Hector, the 24-year-old Arab gelding from a challenging predicament.
“Hector was sedated to reduce his anxiety as the lifting strops were applied and then anaesthetised whilst being lifted out of the watery ditch.
“This was a particularly technical rescue with a number of obstacles to overcome. It demonstrates the benefit of years of investment in knowledge and skills for these incidents.
“Hector was reunited with owner, Sarah, who was extremely grateful for the efforts of all the team.”

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