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A family of a man named Norman have pleaded with members of the public to come forward with answers as to the lead up to a collision

Norman’s Red Ford Fiesta Zetec car flip ending up against a traffic light on Blackdam Roundabout in Basingstoke on Tuesday 1st June around 8.15am. which saw the man rushed to hospital with two bleeds on his brain.
Reports from witnesses raised concerns that on the morning of the collision the traffic lights were not functional or working.
Aimee Merritt has pleaded with members of the public to think before they comment after a number of hurtful comments were seen by the mans family.
Norman is now reported to have been released from the hospital and making good progress.
Aimee said;
“May I also add that the horrible and hurtful comments about the crash have been seen by family members and even by “friends” of mine on here. Think about if it was YOUR grandad. YOUR dad. YOUR partner. Would you be laughing then? Norman is very lucky to be with us still but after the impact he doesn’t remember a thing that happened. So any help will be appreciated.”
“On Tuesday 1st June around 8:15am, Nan’s partner Norman was involved in a serious accident at Blackdam roundabout which from the impact made his car roll and flip. This is the serious result of the crash and thank God he survived (which doctors have no idea how!!) He had 2 bleeds on the brain from the crash, he broke his shoulder and doesn’t remember a thing that happened. Does anyone have ANY dashcam footage that you can send me please? My family and I just want to know how the crash was caused so any footage will help us in any way.”
Additionally if you have any information that may assist officers with their investigation please contact 101.

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