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Police called after horrific road rage incident North End Portsmouth

Police attended road rage incident where a grey Vauxhall Astra rammed a Ford Transit van multiple times. The Vauxhall Astra is belived to have followed the Ford Transit from Baffins after the occupants of the Astra attempted to have an altercation with the van driver. Whilst traveling down Chichester Road the driver of the Astra rammed the Ford Transit van, it is then understood to have continued to follow the van into Ashling Lane where van was rammed numerous times again. The car then came to a stop and 3 male occupants of Asian appearance then jumped out to assault the driver and passenger of the van. Soon after the unprovoked attack to the occupants of the van the 3 males fled the scene, they was then seen jumping into a Silver Mercedes and leaving the scene. Hampshire Constabulary have now launched an investigation into the circumstances that led up to the incident. But have refused to comment on the incident.


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