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Residents awoken after late night hit and run

Residents of Somerstown, Portsmouth were woken by a large bang last night after a suspected drink driver hit parked cars before making off.

The crash happened at 12.40am its understood the vehcile was traveling down Margate Road, when it failed to stop at the junction of Somers Road after crashing into a parked car.

Pictures show the carnage after the Ford Fiesta was hit with such force that the car was forced up onto the pavement, another parked vechile also sustained damage in the incident.

The vechile then made off from the scene and was later found abandoned across a driveway on St Andrews Road just streets away from the incident.

A resident who lives close to where the incident happened said “Its lucky noone was walking past at the time of the crash as the area was highly populated at the time with students returning home from a night out. If someone had been walking past as the vechile was forced against the fence they could of sustained life changing injuries or even death.”

Hampshire Constabulary have been approached for comment and a full investigation is underway.

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