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Police have been made aware of some suspicious activity in the area of the Holt Park estate, Hook in the early hours

On 24/08/2021 between 2am and 3am several CCTV/Ring Doorbell systems appear to have identified an individual paying a lot of attention to parked motor vehicles and garages. While no offences have been identified the actions of the individual have been presented as suspicious.

Officers are currently investigating these reports and are seeking to secure CCTV/Ring Doorbell footage of this individual. Once this footage has been secured it will be reviewed with a view to identifying the subject.

Going forward, you may notice an increase in policing activity within the estate, particularly overnight. 

Police would ask all residents to overlook their home security and take note of the following steps which can be taken to deter any offending:

  • Ensure your vehicle is left locked and secured whenever unattended.
  • Ensure all valuables are removed from your vehicle.
  • Where possible, ensure garages are used to store your vehicle.
  • Consider the use of a Faraday Pouch to ensure any connection between your keys and vehicle is severed and can not be interfered with.
  • Where a Faraday Pouch is not an option, store your keys as far away from your vehicle as you can within your property. Consider placing the keys within a Microwave or another metal structure when not in use.

If you note any suspicious activity you can report this via the non-emergency number, 101. You can also report incidents online to the Police website,

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