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Two Hampshire Police Officers who detained a violent burglar – one being stabbed with a hypodermic needle in the process – have been nominated for The National Police Bravery Awards

PC Christi Hill and partner PC Tristan Parsons, a PCSO at the time of the incident, were off duty on the evening of 28 October 2018 when they saw a man committing a burglary in a closed hairdressing salon.
The officers quickly assessed the situation and attempted to detain the man who by now was threatening members of the public with the golf club as he tried to leave the salon.
The officers had to struggle with the suspect to disarm him, and they ended up rolling around in the glass before a member of the public came to assist them.
As the melee continued, the man stabbed PC Hill in the finger with a hypodermic needle he had concealed. Chillingly, as did so, he shouted that he was ‘infected with HIV’.
The PCs and the member of the public who was also injured in the incident eventually managed to get the man under control and he was arrested.
Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoe Wakefield said the duo were worthy bravery nominees. “Once again this incident shows how police officers are truly never off duty. Christi and Tristan ran towards the danger and had to act quickly to detain this man.
“They had no personal protective kit and no immediate recourse to back-up so to stop this incident from becoming much worse is a real credit to them and in the finest tradition of British policing.
“As a Federation and as a force, we are very proud of them.”
The 2020 event – the 25th National Police Bravery Awards – had originally been scheduled to take place last summer but had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus.
The Awards, which honour officers from across England and Wales who have performed outstanding acts of bravery while on or off duty, are now being held this October 12.

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