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A part-time athlete who works full-time on an NHS hospital psychiatric ward has become the highest-placed British male finisher at the London Marathon 2021.

Phil Sesemann, 29, had never run a marathon before and only decided to enter the London race 15 weeks ago.

The NHS doctor is already a successful long-distance track athlete – but fell ill before his tilt at the 10,000 metres at the British Championships and decided in June to focus on the London Marathon instead.

He finished the elite men’s race in seventh place with a time of 2:12:58 – narrowly outside the World Championships qualifying time of 2:11:30.

He fits running around his shifts as part of the psychiatric team at the hospital, which can sometimes include three 12-hour night shifts in a row.

Through it all running was a hobby, first with a group of like-minded students, and then with an athletics club in 2018, when the combination of structured competition and the social aspect of it saw his performances improve.

Sesemann also celebrated his 29th birthday today – and got a huge cheer from supporters along the Mall.


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