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Passengers injured after two trains collide in ‘major incident’

Several people have been injured after two trains collided in a “major incident” near Salisbury station.
One carriage derailed at Fisherton Tunnel shortly before 7pm on Sunday, and another service crashed into it. All those on board have been led to safety.
One of the train drivers was trapped in his cab but has since been freed and taken to hospital. He is not seriously injured, the PA news agency reported.
A passenger, Demitri, said he was “pretty scared” as he “heard a big crash” and “saw flames”.
He added: “After that the lights went out and the position of the train was like 45 degrees tilted to the right.”
Local resident Tamar Vellacott, 25, said the collision created a “long rumbling sound like thunder”.
A “number” of people were injured but no one died, British Transport Police said. Earlier, PA said “up to a dozen” had been hurt.
At a press conference, British Transport Police Inspector Mullah Hoque said “a number of people have been injured” and “most of these people are walking wounded”.
He added that “thankfully there have been no fatalities” but a “small number of people, including the driver, have been taken to hospital where their injuries are being assessed.”

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