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English Channel: at least 31 reported dead after migrant boat capsizes while attempting to reach the UK

31 People have been reported dead after a boat carrying migrants across the English Channel to the UK capsized.


The alarm was sounded by a nearby fishing boat earlier today (24 November), after people were spotted floating in the sea near the coast in France.

Shortly after setting off, a fishing boat raised the alarm to emergency services after several people were seen floating  in the sea near the coast
It has been confirmed by French interior minister Gerald Darmanin that several people died during the attempted crossing after apparently capsizing, with Pierre Henri Dumont, MP for Calais confirming that so far there have been 31 confirmed deaths
A rescue operation is currently underway, with French and British authorities searching the water for any renaming people

Franck Dhersin, mayor of Teteghem near Dunkirk, confirmed that at least 50 people were onboard the boat which was hoping to reach the Dover coast.

Several people were brought to the UK shore at Dover in small boats on the same day by immigration officials.

At least 25,700 people have attempted to make the journey across the English Channel this year, with hope of reaching the UK shore.

The Channel waters are prone to strong currents and low temperatures, particularly in the winter months.

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