Sit down Protest at Ramsgate Port as live animal exports resume

Campaigners against live animal exports  held a protest in Ramsgate on Thursday (June 18) as the transport of animals through the port resumes.

Two lorries carrying sheep held stopped by protestors as they arrived in Ramsgate at just after 4pm ready to board vessel Joline.

Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) supported by many with placards shouted there disgust. 

The group maintained social distancing and wore face masks to protect against covid 19.

Protestors  sat on Royal Harbour Approach roundabout that was lined by officers from Kent Police.

A number of protestors marred  the cause by shouting offences  language and had to be warned by Police.


A KAALE spokesperson said: “The animals are taken on long journeys, often in intolerable heat, to face slaughter or further fattening on a veal farm which is totally unnecessary and cruel.

“The protests are essential in order to obtain video evidence of the condition of the animals and  to raise awareness of their plight as we move closer to the ban on the trade which has been promised by Government for the end of this year.”


 Live animals are exported to support the “festival of sacrifice” on the Muslim calendar. The event provokes added protest from animal campaigners who highlight the conditions the animals travel in, the length of time they are sometimes in transit and the fate that awaits them at their destination.

Live export is the commercial transport of live farm animals across national borders. The expansion of the trade has been supported by the introduction of purpose-built ships which carry large numbers of animals.

There has been strong criticism of the industry on animal rights grounds.


In 2018 lorries of unweaned Scottish calves also started coming through Ramsgate after P&O Ferries stopped taking the shipments.

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