Pensioners home involved in a vigilante vandal attack

The home of a 90 year old female pensioner was attacked under the cover of darkness in the town of Lydd, Kent.
Pensioners Home Involved In A Vigilante Vandal Attack

The vile attack took place on Saturday evening when the home of the disabled woman came under attack with windows being smashed, paint thrown at the property and the words RAPIST painted on the walls.
Pensioners Home Involved In A Vigilante Vandal Attack

The windows of the detached property were damaged and other substances thrown at the frail woman.

The family of the convicted rapist have themselves condemned the horrific attack that took place several years ago and have campaigned for restrictions to be place on him so he may never be allow in Kent as part of his parole conditions if he is ever released. The family have disowned him and have had no contact with him for several years.



A relation of the pensioner who was attacked said :” To the person or people behind this, you are cowards and have broken the law and if caught, you will be punished!! My poor Nan didn’t do anything wrong”.

A spokesman for Kent Police said that are probing the late-night attack and have launched an investigation. A statement will be issued later by them.

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