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How can this be allowed to happen Travellers target car park with fly tipping

Travellers have fly-tipped tons of rubbish including gas canisters and builders’ waste on car park in Barking this afternoon. Watch the video as they tip they waste under the nose of the CCTV.
A group of travellers set up camp on the privately owned land and remained on the site.

How Can This Be Allowed To Happen Travellers Target  Car Park With Fly Tipping

Resident have expressed outrage as their conceal tax will be used to remove the contaminated waste from the site 

Residents are furious after a public site that contain bottle banks has been left filled with a sea of rubbish for nearly a month after travellers set up camp in a car park.
Among the items abandoned on the land, are gas canisters and builders’ waste, according to locals.
The travellers after removing a the height restriction bar.

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