Police air support called in after driver rams Met police car in Newham

A police officer from the Metropolitan police has escaped serious injury after his vehicle was rammed in the early hours on Tuesday morning in Newham in East London. The reckless driver rammed the patrol car on West ham close in Newham and then the driver and second person made off from the officer.

The Met Police called in an asset from Police National air support service.
The officers onboard the helicopter used a thermal imaging camera to track the wanted driver who had gone to ground.

Following a short area search from above after officers on the ground put in great containment the driver was then arrested by officers on the ground.

Residents in Newham took to social reporting that the helicopter has woken them asking the Met Police what was going on.

One man who is understood to be the driver has been arrested and second is still outstanding said a spokesman for the Met Police. The man remains in custody.

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