Tanks very much as man drives orange tank into London

Meet a man who is passionate about Potholes, Mr Pothole has come out of retirement and spent the afternoon driving around the Central London in a big bright Orange Tank.

Mark Morrell “Mr Pothole caused a hold up on the A40 on the way into London. The orange beast was brought into the capital to highlight just how bad the roads are as part of national Pothole Day

The national day was established by, a website which encourages road users to report road damage direct to their local council and forms part of an awareness campaign to rid Britain’s roads of the pothole blight.

Passionate campaigner, Mark Morrell who is known in the media as Mr Pothole, has supported National Pothole Day for several years. Today he was working UltraCrete promoting the day as the headline partner. The joint aim is to raise awareness of the state of the nation’s roads and the need for additional funding to be released by government to tackle this growing pothole crisis. The former town councillor turned national road surface campaigner, came out of retirement and put back on his cape after nearly six years of being a pain in the backside to local authorities all over the UK, few more so than Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire county councils.


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