Missing six year old boy found by helicopter wondering in Roadworks on the M1 in Newport Pagnell

An eight hour search has come to a successful conclusion after the Police helicopter using a heat seeking camera spotted the missing boy in a section of roadworks on the M1 about half a mile from the Motorway service station.  Officers and a search party found him sitting within the coned off area of roadworks.


Missing Six Year Old Boy Found By Helicopter Wondering  In Roadworks On The M1 In Newport Pagnell

Officers in the helicopter turned around after locating a heat source that was a liken to a small person just after 3.20am on Saturday morning.

Police officers and searchers on the ground were directed to him after he had wandered off from the service station after being left whilst on a school trip. Aadil Umair Rahim, age 6, went missing from Northbound side of  Newport Pagnell  services at around 7.15pm on Friday evening.

A police source has revealed a member of one of the massive search parties found him sitting on a box with just a jumper to protect him from the elements, near the  M1 motorway roadworks at Newport Pagnell.

They wrapped the boy in a silver foiled blanket before rushing him to his concerned parents (who had travelled down from their home in Nottingham to the service area) in a Police patrol car to be reunited with the boy.


Questions are being asked despite the high risk associated with a child going missing, why an appeal was not released earlier in the evening. Police refused to comment on if any offences had been committed.

Superintendent Amy Clements, said: “ The boy has been checked over by Paramedics at the scene and was now being taken to hospital for further health checks.”

Thames Valley Police can confirm that it has located a missing boy.

Aadil Umair Rahim, age 6, went missing at Newport Pagnell Services earlier, he has now been found safe and well.

She said, she would like to thank the public, media and search and rescue teams for their assistance.

“This was a very difficult operation involving a very young boy and we are relieved to say that Aadil has been found safe and well”.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the local community, who immediately offered help in trying to find Aadil”.

“Also I’d like to thank those who have co-operated with Police during this time”.

“This was a large operation in difficult conditions so I’d like to also publicly thank the search and rescue teams who assisted in the search and the large number of officers involved, including the National Police Air Service which helped bring this positive resolutions”.

“We are so very glad that he has been found and are thankful to everyone involved in assisting with that.”


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