Man arrested on top of a railway bridge in Bromley

Police have arrested a man after he took refuge on top of a railway bridge.
The man spent an hour on top of the bridge throwing bricks at officers below after attempting to escape following a collision.
The servilely damaged car was abandoned near to the Shortland Tavern.

Trains were disrupted after the man climbed onto the bridge around 9:30pm on Tuesday by Shortlands Station.

Moments before the foolish and dangerous act to evade arrest the man had fled from a car that he had crashed with officers in pursuit on foot.

Train operator South Eastern confirmed Power had to be switched off to allow emergency services to deal with the incident. That affect all trains between Victoria and Bromley South a number of passengers were effected some with young babies and business commuters.

A police helicopter was also called in following the collision to track the suspect who pi pinned the location of the suspect.
Police say the man remains in custody for a number of offences.

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