Convicted rapist jailed for attack on Police Officer jailed for 16 years

Convicted rapist Muhammed Rodwan has today been sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for the savage machete attack on PC Stuart Outten.

Yesterday, Rodwan was found not guilty of attempted murder.

In sentencing, Mrs Justice Carr told Rodwan:

“This was a brutal and shocking attack on a police officer who was in the course of carrying out his duty.

She told Rodwan that he had chosen to use excessive force with this machete and that she had not detected any remorse from Rodwan and that he had been ‘arrogant’ when he told investigating officers that his life was more important than that of PC Outten’s.

Mrs Justice Carr told Rodwan that he continued to pose a risk to the public and that people had to be protected and that the public had a right to be protected from people who carry and use knives.

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