First Picture of Terror suspect shot dead by Police on Streatham High Road

The man has been named as  Sudesh Amman, 21, who had been recently freed from prison sentence for distributing extremist material

He  had only been released from prison in the last few days after serving sentence for the possession and distribution of extremist material Police shot the man on Sunday afternoon after he went on a wild attacking spree with a stolen knife.


He was jailed for possessing documents including ‘how to make a bomb in your kitchen.’

The defendant, of Brancker Road in Harrow, is also accused of sending an al-Qaeda magazine to members of a Whatsapp group.


He was also  charged with seven counts of making records of information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, including ‘Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting Techniques’ and ‘making plastic explosives from bleach’.


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