Pug and owner rescued from the water near Larkfield

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to a section of the River Medway near New Hythe Lane in Larkfield, to reports of a man and a dog in the water.

The pug who was walking off the lead, jumped off of the path into the water around 12 ft below. The owner entered the water to rescue his dog, managed to get hold of him, but then could not scale the river wall and became stranded.

A water safety unit and three fire engines were sent to the scene and crews devised an action plan to reach the pair clinging onto a metal pole. A rescue bag was lowered down and the owner placed the dog into it before crews hauled it back to the top.
A rescue sling was lowered for the man to place around his waist, and he was hoisted up out of the water.
There were no reported injuries, but the dog was taken to the vet to be checked over.

Following this rescue, crews are advising dog owners to keep dogs on leads when near water, no matter how obedient the dog is, to avoid situations like this.

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