A34 Dangerous drink driver double the limit

Police have arrested a new years drink driver after members of the public alerted officers to the dangerous manoeuvres performed on the A34.

Police followed the vehicle and witnessed the poor standard whilst gathering footage with the onboard cameras which shows the driver not only swerving between lanes but traveling at 89mph, then dropping to only 19mph in a national speed limit.

Officers from the Hampshire roads policing unit were assisted by Thames Valley roads policing to bring this driver to a stop.

Officers commented on the fortunate fact not many road users were on this stretch of road at the time the driver was stopped as theA34 has often proved fatal.

The driver was arrested for failing to provide a specimen at the roadside when stopped and taken into custody where they later provided a reading of 62. The uk Limit is 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath.

The driver was charged and awaits proceedings before the courts.

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