Seventeen year old remanded over dismembered boy in Barnes

A 17-year-old boy has appeared in court charged with murdering a vulnerable man who was found dismembered after ‘drug dealers took over his home’.

Police found the head and torso of William Agar, 53, wrapped up in sheets at an address in Barnes, west London on January 3.

The cause of death was identified as a stab wound to the chest following a post-mortem examination at Kingston mortuary on 5 January.

A 17-year-old boy, who cannot be named, appeared at the Old Bailey today charged with Mr Algar’s murder after the gruesome find.

Prosecutor Peter Ratliffe said: ‘The body itself was wrapped up in a sheet noted twice. Both of his arms and both of his legs had been removed. They have never been recovered.

‘The torso and head remained. The fatal injury was an eight cm deep stab wound to the chest which penetrated the heart.’

He added: ‘There were a further 20 stab wounds to available body of the deceased and a large area of damage to the scalp consistent with knife tip chopping down

Analysis of the joints to which the dismembered limbs should have been attached suggest not a saw but similar tools will have been used and considerable force.

‘The evidence suggest that the deceased property had been occupied by drug dealers in the summer, in the practice often referred to as cuckooing.’

The 17-year-old was supported by his parents when he appeared at the Old Bailey today over video-link from HMP Feltham wearing a grey tracksuit.

He spoke to confirm his name, age, and nationality and was remanded in custody

The youth, of Kensington, was remanded in custody ahead of plea and trial preparation hearing on 25 March.

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