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A man has been jailed just days after launching a vicious attack on a community support officer as they investigated reports of anti-social behaviour


Police were called to reports that Mark Diuk had been sleeping rough in a bin store at the back of Clifton Leisure Centre, in Southchurch Drive, Nottingham.

Thirty-four-year-old Diuk was also said to have left used needles on the floor preventing staff from the centre taking the bins out.

After receiving a call from the manager reporting the incident a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) attended the scene on Saturday (21 August 2021) at around 9.30am.

Trying to wake Diuk as he lay on the floor sleeping the officer then gained entry through the six-foot metal fence and attempted to speak to him.

But Diuk then tried to push past the officer and was only stopped from escaping after the officer grabbed hold of his rucksack strap.

Turning violent he then punched the officer to the face and attempted to take a hold of his neck resulting in them both falling to the floor.

The officer has then been punched to the face and scratched to the face and neck as he attempted to break free from Diuk.

But the vicious attack carried on, with Diuk then managing to push his fingers into the officer’s mouth and eyes.

Eventually the officer was able to press his emergency call button and call for back up.

Diuk, who was wanted on recall to prison then ran off in the direction of Clifton Central Park.

A search was conducted with teams from the city centre and south working with dogs, the force drone, and armed response units, but he had gone to ground. He was arrested the next day (Sunday 22 August) after being spotted on the Victoria Embankment shortly after midday.

The officer suffered a number of injuries including a cut to the crown of his head which had to be glued at hospital, deep grazes and cuts to the face and neck, cuts to his gums and lips, and his hands and fingers.

Diuk was sentenced to six months in prison when he appeared at Nottinghamshire Magistrates Court today (23 August 2021).

He was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the officer.

Sergeant Nigel Bradley, from Nottinghamshire Police said: “Assaults on frontline emergency service workers who work tirelessly to serve and protect the public are totally unacceptable. That is why we welcome the sentence handed out by the court today, which sends out a clear message such criminality will not be tolerated by society.

“This is not just part of the job and any assault on police officers and PCSOs – physical or verbal – will be treated as a crime and dealt with accordingly.

“This was a vicious attack on one of our PCSOs who has been left injured while trying to do his job and protect the public from harm. His welfare is our priority, and we are working to ensure this brave officer is supported going forward.

“All key workers including police and other blue light staff have the right to go about their duties without being assaulted. The force and our partners have made it clear this type of behaviour won’t be endured.”


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